Zosha Di Castri

WMCT Commissions to Canadian Composers

Zoshi Di Castri’s presentation score of her new work premiered April 7, 2016, “Dannthology”. 

Since 2005 the WMCT has commissioned a new Canadian work each season, to be performed in a Music in the Afternoon concert.  Scores are deposited in the permanent collection of the Canadian Music Centre.

See the list of previous WMCT commissions.

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Composer on the Move…

Canadian composer Zosha Di Castri was pretty busy with commissions – including one for the WMCT – when she was called by the National Arts Centre and offered another.

But the fact that the result would be Dear Life, the most ambitious commissioned work undertaken by the National Arts Centre Orchestra, was too good to pass up.

Di Castri’s 25-minute-long score will have pride of place in the first concert led by Alexander Shelley as NACO’s seventh music director.

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