Covid Precautions

If you are attending a concert in-person, please note the following COVID-related precautions:

  • Visitors are required to wear a mask or face covering at all times while in Grace Church on-the-Hill, only to be briefly displaced for drinking water. If you arrive without a mask, one will be provided for you.
  • Distancing is no longer required: please be sensitive to other people’s needs for space.
  • No food or beverage is permitted except bottled water.

In Memoriam: Danuta Buczynski († October 26, 2021)

Danuta was an outstanding patron of the arts.  As President of the WMCT from 2001-2004, she led us during a period of remarkable growth in membership numbers, while overseeing four seasons of wonderful concert giving.  As an active member for years before that, she had initiated the Tuning Your Mind series of pre-concert lectures in partnership with the Faculty of Music at the U of T.   Later she chaired the planning for the special events and activities celebrating the 110th anniversary season. 

In 2019 she received the Lieutenant-Governor’s Distinguished Service Award for her even more extensive volunteer work for the Royal Ontario Museum.  Watch the ROM tribute video.                          

Born in France in 1937 and raised in Poland, she met Walter Buczynski in Warsaw in 1960.  He was a Canadian composition student, there on grants from the Polish state, and she was working for the government in handling foreign visitors.  They raised their family in midtown Toronto while he taught at the Faculty of Music, U of T, and she proudly and generously served her new country. Photo from the Funeral Home obituary.

Virginia Parker Prize awarded to Cameron Crozman

Cellist Cameron Crozman (left) will perform for Music in the Afternoon on March 31, 2022, with pianist Philip Chiu.

The $25,000 Prize is awarded to a musician under the age of 32 who demonstrates outstanding talent, musicianship and artistic excellence and who makes a valuable contribution to artistic life in Canada and internationally. Blake Pouliot, who opened the MitA 124th season, was the 2018 winner.

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