Mariam Batsashvili reviewed by Joseph So and by UHS students

Review by Joseph So published on Ludwig-van

Her master class at UHS

The day before her Music in the Afternoon recital, Mariam gave a master class for advanced piano students at Unionville High School for the Arts. She listened to three young performers, then offered guidance and advice. One of them wrote:

“Learning under the tutelage of a great pianist is always a pleasure, but my master class with the fantastic Mariam Batsashvilli was an entirely different experience altogether. Her deep understanding of music and effortless charm made for not only one of the best lessons I’ve ever received, but also one of the most enjoyable. Her insights about my piece, Liszt’s Sonetto 104 del Petrarca, were profound and unbelievably helpful, whilst being delivered lightheartedly with both humility and a great sense of humor. My gratitude to Ms. Batsashvilli for coming and offering her expertise and both the Women’s Musical Club of Toronto and the Arts Unionville program for offering me this incredible opportunity is ineffable; it is truly an experience that I won’t forget.​”

The class attended Walter Hall on April 4, and offered some feedback:

“I am beyond grateful to have been given this opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and the musical nuances that Mariam brought to life – it was as if the audience was part of the story woven in her music. Her interpretation of Liszt is awe-inspiring, expressive and sensitive. Combined with her technical brilliance, it made for an unforgettable concert. Thank you for this amazing experience!”

“I enjoyed Mariam’s expression for each piece she played. She was able to capture the mood and feeling of a character… it felt like she was telling a story in her pieces. Her technique was so effortless, clean and smooth, I really liked the soft trills and the crisp turns from the impeccable articulation she used.”

Students from Unionville H.S. and Cawthra Park Secondary School were in the overflow audience.

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