In Memoriam: Dagmar Stafl

Dagmar Anna Stafl
Hodonin, Czechoslovakia July 28, 1926 – Toronto, November 14, 2022

In News & Notes 54, Bonnie O’Dacre profiled her remarkable biography, from a happy childhood in Czechoslovakia, through refugee status in Canada, to university degrees and a rewarding career and family life. The title of her autobiography is the sum of her possessions when she escaped Soviet Czechoslovakia in 1949. Dagmar joined the WMCT in 1990 – her old friend Esther McNeil would soon become President. By 1992, according to Counterpoint to a City, the Club’s “financial affairs were getting to be too complex for a person without extensive financial and investment experience to manage…. In 1992 the position of secretary-treasurer was changed to treasurer,” and Dagmar Stafl, who had retired as Chief Economist of the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, took over this job and set a new professional standard of fiscal responsibility for the WMCT.

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