Emily D’Angelo at Toronto Summer Music

TSM this year is a parade of WMCT Scholarship and Award winners, including David Braid, Jane Coop, James Ehnes, and Angela Park.  Leading the parade is Emily D’Angelo, mezzo-soprano, 2015-2016 Centennial Scholar, featured on August 4 in both the “Last Night of the Festival, Eh!”  at 7 pm, and in the TSM Late Night Encore at 10.30.

2 thoughts on “Emily D’Angelo at Toronto Summer Music

  1. Emily also won the second price at the “Junge Stimmen” voice competition at Gütersloh, Germany, in October 2017

  2. My note yesterday incorrectly identified the competition as “Junge Stimmen”. It should be “Neue Stimmen” or “New Voices”.
    The Finals were on Oct. 14, 2017 and the replay can be watched on Medici.tv. We watched that 3 hr show last night. Worth every minute of it.

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