Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

In the summer of 2020, as millions of people in Canada, the US, and around the world united to protest racism and discrimination, the WMCT decided it was time to reflect and resolve to take steps towards being more proactive in promoting the goals of anti-racism, access, and equity. As a largely white organization, the WMCT acknowledges its privilege as well as the need to listen, learn, and actively engage in bringing about change.

With that goal in mind, in July 2020 the WMCT created a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee of the Board. In January 2021 Board members attended an online workshop given by Renée Bazile-Jones, President of Diversity Grand Dame, and former Senior Director of Learning at the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. Subsequently, in March 2023 the Board attended an Anti-Oppression workshop facilitated by Andrea Moffat of Divercity Consultants.

The WMCT is working towards diversifying all aspects of its operations, though we acknowledge that this is a gradual process that will take time to implement fully. Broader representation is always on the agenda when selecting artists, scholarship and award winners, and when reaching out to new audience members. For example, for the 2024 Career Development Award, the WMCT accepted nominations exclusively from musicians in under-represented groups, and the panel of jurors was also diverse. 

Our long-term goals are as follows:

1. Aim for diverse and under-represented communities to have equitable access to our concerts, awards and scholarships, and committee and board membership
2. Aim for broader representation of equity-seeking groups among performers in Music in the Afternoon concerts
3. Work towards ensuring our programs and decision-making are more inclusive and reflect the make-up of the Toronto community

April, 2024.

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