In Memoriam: Barbara Gory

Barbara Gory (shown left) passed away on Monday, December 4, 2023, at the age of 95.  

Working with Elizabeth Newton (centre), and Esther McNeil (right), Barbara Gory established the WMCT Foundation in 2000. 

Bringing to the WMCT her skills as one of the earliest women in Canada to be certified as a chartered accountant, Barbara guided the process of securing the Foundation’s charter and charitable status.  She served as its first Secretary-Treasurer, was Vice-President 2004-2007 and a director at large until 2010.  The Foundation has grown to be able to support the operation of the Club, and to fund several annual scholarships at the University of Toronto and Royal Conservatory of Music, and the flagship Career Development Award of $25,000 every three years.  She was also a longstanding member of the Club and offered astute advice as a member of its committees and board. Barbara Gory was a member of the Legacy Circle.

Read more about Barbara and her many other contributions to the cultural and intellectual life of Toronto.

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