James Ehnes turns 40





James Ehnes turned 40 on Wednesday, January 27. He was born on Mozart’s birthday, although 220 years later, and, like Mozart, Ehnes displayed considerable musical ability from an early age. On the occasion of his 40th the CBC was able to persuade him to participate in building a “40 photos for 40 years” slide show which is available here:


See CBC Newsletter for more photos and info.

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Composer Connects Hip Hop and Classical

Composer Connects Hip Hop and Classical

Composer Christopher Mayo, whose WMCT commission Twentieth Century Ikon premièred at Music in the Afternoon last May, has made the leap from Hip Hop to Classical. His classical arrangement of Hip Hop superstar Drake’s Know Yourself was performed by members of the TSO at the 2015 Polaris Music Awards Gala in Toronto September 21.

Christopher Mayo’s WMCT commission was premièred by Ensemble Made in Canada,

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WMCT Alumni – Paul Lewis

WMCT Alumni – Paul Lewis

To great acclaim, Paul Lewis made his Toronto debut in Music in the Afternoon’s 115th season on Oct. 18, 2012. This summer, he’ll play Stratford Summer Music on July 29 at 2 pm in St. Andrew’s Church, in Stratford.

Earlier this spring, he was attacked by a seagull in Liverpool, giving the British media the opportunity to state:

The Birds are Bach


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WMCT Alumni – Measha

WMCT Alumni – Measha

Measha Brueggergosman has history with the WMCT. She’s both an award winner and performer. In 1995 she received the Joan B. Wilch Award in Voice and she performed in concerts in Walter Hall in 2000 and again in 2004.

In this beautiful YouTube video she and fellow east-coaster David Myles sing “Whole to My Half” celebrating babies, life, friendship and great hair.

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Susan Corrigan Retires




Susan Corrigan has been WMCT arts administrator for nearly 20 years. She was the third part-time only administrator in this still mainly volunteer-run organization.

Hired in September 1995 by past president Betty Gray, Susan became the organization’s voice and face – on the telephone and through her presence at concerts and events – as well as the main cog in the large and ever-turning WMCT wheel.

She witnessed and was part of many changes,

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