Tuning Your Mind speaker

Tuning Your Mind, October 5

Tuning Your Mind with Professor Anna Shternshis, Director of the Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto.

Thursday, October 5, 12.15 pm | Walter Hall
Yoshke from Odessa and Other Heroes: Soviet Yiddish Songs of World War II
A historically significant archive of hundreds of Yiddish songs, collected from soldiers, refugees and other Soviet Jewish citizens, believed lost, has been discovered and brought back to life.

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Iain Scott TYM Speaker Nov. 19

Iain Scott – Tuning Your Mind Speaker
Nov. 19, 12:15 pm
before Isabel Leonard concert

Iain Scott is one of Canada’s leading experts on opera and the singing voice. He grew up in a small village in Scotland and came to Canada 45 years ago; he now lives in Toronto with his wife, Barbara. After a 30-year career working with engineers in Shell, chartered accountants in Deloitte, and consulting actuaries in Mercer, he founded his own company “OPERA-IS” (the IS is for “Iain Scott’) in 2002 to develop opera appreciation courses,

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